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Cognitive rehabilitation supported by Gaming

Erica is a neuropsychological rehabilitation platform as well as a series of exercises for adults who have suffered brain injuries, developed in partnership with Giunti O.S.

Aimed at health care facilities and professionals working in the field, ERICA offers a truly innovative solution: through an intuitive on-demand approach, the platform provides access to a wide range of exercises and useful tools that support the Neuropsychologist during all phases of the rehabilitation process.
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A retail-specific training format

The Retail Reloaded Academy is an innovative concept aimed at answering very specific training needs within the Retail field through an engaging, fully-integrated and technology-driven offer:

  • Performance measurement. All effective Retail training must begin and end at the store, where best practices take place.
  • Engagement. The format guarantees seamless and integrated learning management, inside the class, in-store or online.
  • Content. Highly interactive contents based on an emotional approach which stimulates participation and increases reach.

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