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We’ve been developing award-winning games and apps for training and performance improvement since day one. We started off as edutainment pioneers and have now garnered a high-level expertise in applied game & app design which allows us to offer game-based solutions tailored to work environments and specific business needs. We believe in going beyond fun and creating products with a purpose, using an user-centered design and maintaining the balance between form and function.

Edutainment & Learning Games

Using fun to drive change within your organization through the use of game-based learning products, whether it’s for soft-skill training such as leadership or team-building, or to train your salesforce in how to sell or exhibit a product, leads to higher engagement and improved performance.

Serious Games

We apply the principles of game thinking and game play in order to achieve specific goals. Whether we’re talking about brand marketing, the health industry or the newsroom, our serious games portfolio includes advergames, newsgames and cognitive training games among others.

Gamification System

When you need to increase engagement and stimulate participation, whether you’re in finance, retail or other businesses, we apply game mechanics such as milestone rewards and bonus challenges in order to gamify onboarding, corporate training and performance improvement processes.

Web & Mobile Apps

Within ever-changing industries which are continuously evolving to confront new challenges, apps offer an opportunity to keep the information flowing while making the job easier. Depending on your needs we can offer you memory aids, performance tools or more complex solutions.




development team who has been developing games for more than 10 years and therefore understands game culture and digital game theory.

Application of videogame-industry concepts such as game play, game flow, interactive narratives and digital storytelling; applied to serious gaming solutions.

2d or 3d graphic game & app design elements which will make your training pop and your learner’s motivation & engagement increase.

A cross-knowledge pool of competencies, ranging from business consultants to young creative designers, from battle-tested developers to passionate digital natives.

The ability to understand the end user’s and client’s demands and needs from a business point of view in order to transform them into specific requisites & realistic goals.

An app-development approach based on the concepts of multi-device output as well as responsive and adaptive design