Let us transform your learning experiences


Learning is our core business. From fully customized learning platforms to specific add-ons which fit your needs, our strategists and analysts strive to offer you the best possible solution. In addition, we help you with the out rolling and delivering process, by helping you set-up a deployment system as well as training your team in order to use it autonomously.

Corporate Academies

You can create your in-house training virtual academy with our custom SaaS solutions which offer a wide array of functionalities such as user-centric interfaces, reporting analytics, gamification dynamics and individual development plans. Easy, Extra and Excite.

Customized LMS

Our cost-effective and fully customizable Learning Management solutions help deliver and manage your training offer. Our LMS are easy-to-access and easy-to-use. We offer multi-device performance, informal learning features and a 100% scalability.

Learning Communities

If you need to increase engagement and develop a social media-like virtual space, based on emotional design and peer collaboration, our online learning communities offer you the possibility to enhance the learner’s experiences through sharing, liking and promoting features.

Performance Evaluations & Assessment Systems

When you need to organize & document performance reviews as well as create & deliver meaningful feedback, we support you in the process of developing digital tools such as performance appraisal apps or assessment & accreditation virtual environments.




Rigorous management, filing and tracking of the whole learning process, virtual or in-class, individual or collaborative.

A team of experts that will guide you through the process: from strategic learning experience design to launching marketing campaigns, maintenance initiatives & follow-up activities.

Engineered systems to deliver specific technological solutions to challenges ranging from the measuring and tracking of social and informal learning to the automation of evaluations.

The possibility to implement your training solutions using Easy, Extra and Excite e-Mentor’s highly personalized platforms.