Let us transform your learning experiences


From bespoke e-learning to training pills to be used on-the-go, we bring together key skills from a wide variety of fields such as instructional design and media interaction to deliver effective, beautiful, engaging content, rich in interactivity and built specifically to target your business’ needs, for virtual on-the-go or in-class learning experiences.

Learning Modules

We create effective, custom-design modules based on a combination of good instructional design and creative media and interaction design. Modules are specially apt when you need to focus on compliance training or you want to implement specific standards within your industry.

Blended Learning & e-Training

The expertise of key speakers or the importance of a friendly face during onboarding, means certain goals can be achieved only when combining virtual and in-class activities and assessments. Our packages include virtual modules and in-class manuals as well as an activity kit for the facilitator.

Mobile & Micro-Learning

If your workforce has limited available training time and is mainly on-the-go, we create mobile & micro learning pills which guarantee small bursts of self-contained learning, accessible anywhere, anytime. In addition, our development process follows the “one version, several devices” rule.

Interactive Tests, Simulations & Scenarios

To train employees while minimizing the risk of failure, we develop interactive tests, immersive simulations and realistic scenarios which model the real-world challenges your workforce will face. We also create easy-to-use updating systems to keep training current and relevant.




Plus 10 years of experience and high levels of competency in the areas of instructional, media and interaction design.

Beautiful, engaging and emotional graphic design which will make your training pop and your learner’s motivation increase.

A wide array of highly interactive media resources, from video, amazing infographics and eye-popping animations to role-playing activities, real-life case analysis and virtual scenarios.

Not a “one-solution-fits-all” approach but a customized strategy based on the methodologies and instruments that work for you.